Sharing the Heart of the City with Home Décor in Franklin, TN

Pride in your hometown is a good thing, but it’s more than being happy about where you live, it goes much deeper than that. It means taking steps to make it even better, making it a place of warmth and welcome. That mindset sometimes starts small and as it grows it quickly spreads like the petals of a delicate flower with results which are just as beautiful. 

At Living Franklin, we agree that we live in a city that should be celebrated and shared. We intend to capture the essence of life here and share it through products such as home décor in Franklin, TN, which reflect the personality and vibrancy of the city itself.



Bringing the Past Into the Present

We can’t enjoy where we are, or explore the path ahead, without acknowledging a debt to the past and those people who made our home the treasured enclave of spirit and creativity it is today. With the very core of our beings, we believe that we are standing on the shoulders of city founders, business people, artists, tradespeople, and educators, who laid the cornerstone of our energetic way of life here. We use vintage furniture to express that sentiment by bringing pieces of the past into the present and sharing them with you.

At Living Franklin, our appreciation of the present extends to the unique lifestyle apparel and mugs we’ve created along with our scented candles which relay the soul of the city to your home.

Maybe you’re a gourmet and enjoy nothing better than sharing your love of cooking with family. Perhaps you want to encourage a friend to follow their passion for the culinary arts, or you want a great gift for a family member who lives elsewhere. You can meet all these goals with our solidly curvaceous wood cutting boards.

We are in This Together

A city of individuals quickly becomes something much more when we support each other. It becomes home in all the good ways that word implies. We are all stronger and happier together and grow as one. That’s why we champion area artists through showcasing their works and hosting local events to share the vibes and opportunities and spirit which enrich Franklin.

Come down and take part. You’ll learn more about our beautiful city, create cherished experiences, and meet friends you don’t know yet. Our events flow and provide opportunities to expand your horizons right here at home.

Contact us to learn more about our products and events. We proudly serve our fellow citizens of Franklin, TN, and those of the surrounding areas.