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Insiders’ Views of Living in Franklin, TN

The most effective way to learn about a community is by learning about the people who give it heart and action and warmth. That’s why, for insight on what it’s like living in Franklin, TN, and the dynamic interplay of citizens and businesses and events, you need to read the features we bring to you.

This is a valuable resource for immersing yourself in the community. You will learn things such as where to eat and all about local events. At Living Franklin, we are a local shop that not only calls the area home, but we want to promote it through hosting gatherings and offering our lifestyle products to the region.

Our town is a wonderful place to live. It’s vital and growing and well worth sharing with the world.

Find out more about the wondrous community of Franklin, TN. We are proud to showcase our community to the world.


Tiny Little Donuts - Mark & Tammy Mogul

Mark and Tammy Mogul are a happy couple, and have been sharing that happiness via Tiny Little Donuts! Located on Hillsboro Road just a few minutes from Main Street in Downtown, is the sweetest way to start your morning. We loved hearing their story and sampling the tiny treats they have been serving.


Imago Dei - Sarah Tucker

From a young age, Sarah Tucker has loved fashion, and has always dreamed of opening her own store. Imago Dei, located on Main Street in Franklin, TN, is her dream come to life. She has curated a beautiful store with a little bit of everything, including well-made pieces for your wardrobe, meaningful jewelry, and plenty of accessories for you and your home.


High Brow Coffee + Tea - Dustin Sauder

Musician and coffee lover, Dustin Sauder, has created one of the most warm and inviting spaces to hang out in Franklin. Whether you're sipping on coffee, eating a fresh baked pastry, or sharing a conversation with friends, you understand the heart behind High Brow: "I just love what coffee does. It brings people together!"


Franklin Mercantile- Graeme Asch

Graeme Asch and his family began Franklin Mercantile with little knowledge of owning and running a restaurant, but have grown it to become a staple in Downtown Franklin.  Now, as one of the longest family owned restaurants in Downtown Franklin, Asch has created a warm, inviting and successful establishment that is a "must eat" for anyone who visits the area. Living Franklin was so excited to sit down, enjoy some great food, and hear the story behind it all.