Sarah Tucker - Imago Dei

From a young age, Sarah Tucker has loved fashion, and has always dreamed of opening her own store. Imago Dei, located on Main Street in Franklin, TN, is her dream come to life. She has curated a beautiful store with a little bit of everything, including well-made pieces for your wardrobe, meaningful jewelry, and plenty of accessories for you and your home.

We were so excited to sit down and talk with Sarah, walk around her charming space, and hear the story behind it all.


Living Franklin: How long have you lived in Franklin?

Sarah Tucker: My whole life! Born and raised in Franklin, TN.

LF: When did you open your store?

ST: I opened the store in October of 2016. We actually got possession of the space October 1st and opened 16 days later. It was a lot of long nights with family friends pulling everything together!

LF: Describe the style of your store?

ST: I'd say its your every day girl with a minimalistic approach. The style of the store is anything you could possibly see in my closet. When I was looking for brands to carry, I picked from the brands that I have previously owned and loved. This is me in a store. When you shop at Imago Dei, you're shopping my closet!

LF: Is there anything coming up in the future for your store that you’re excited about?

ST: I already have a collection of home good items, but I am excited to expand with more beautiful items for your home. I have loved creating the baby section, but there's so much more I can't wait to add! Having a second floor to fill has been so much fun!

LF: What’s your favorite album/artist to play in the store?

ST: Johnny Swim! I want them to know that I love them and that they’re singing at my wedding. No question.

LF: How did you come up with the name, Imago Dei?

ST: God gave me a vision with the name Imago Dei . I was asking God what the store was, while I was praying into it, He gave me specific words. I actually have a wall in the back of the store with the words He gave me. They are a reflection of my heart and so the hope of the store is that everyone who comes in, will get a sense of what being made in the image of God means.

LF: What made you choose to open a store in Franklin as opposed to Nashville?

ST: Well, because I’m born and raised in Franklin, Franklin was just it. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always worked on Main Street, so that was just the dream. Franklin Main Street has my heart! 

LF: Who is your ideal/target customer?

ST: I’d say anywhere from 22 to 60. I know thats a huge age range, but literally... I want Imago Dei to be a store where everyone could come in and find something they love. It's really a generational store.

LF: What's your favorite thing you sell in your shop?

ST: It would have to be the jewelry! Every piece has a significant meaning, while still having a simple design. 

LF: What's your favorite lunch spot in Franklin?

ST: Ohhh, I'm going to have to go with Frothy Monkey! You can get a coffee and a meal. You can’t beat that! Have you tried the iced rosemary honey latte? So refreshing!

326 Main Street Franklin, TN 37064

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