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Sisters Olivia Carswell and Liz Samuels love experiencing all the local shops, eateries and landmarks that Franklin has to offer.

They wanted to share their mutual appreciation of Franklin with others, so in June 2017 the sisters launched an Instagram page called @LivingFranklin. It quickly surpassed 1,000 followers.

The name “Living Franklin” is derived from a phrase they’d frequently say while experiencing Franklin together.

 “We’d be sipping our Frothy Monkey coffees downtown and we’d say, ‘We’re really living Franklin today,' ” Samuels said.

In addition to sharing photographs and stories on Instagram about what makes Franklin so special, the sisters are now launching Living Franklin as a lifestyle brand.

“Living Franklin offers a young and fresh take on Franklin.” Carswell said. “We will have products ranging from hand-picked home decor to an in-house Franklin brand of apparel highlighting the classic elegance of downtown Franklin."

“We have Living Franklin apparel (t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts), mugs and we’ve created a signature Living Franklin scented candle,” Samuels said.

Originally the sisters thought the brand would solely launch online, but what started as a casual conversation with Graeme Asch, owner of Franklin Mercantile Deli, quickly developed into the girls’ dream opportunity to open a storefront in the space behind the deli, which previously debuted retail businesses including The Cocoa Tree and Ivey Cake bakery.

“We want to use our store as an opportunity to bring the community together,” Carswell added.

Find their Instagram below, and follow along as they share life in Franklin.

Store Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10-3